1 iBonus Terminal
    1.1 Installation
       1.1.1 Connections
       1.1.2 Power
       1.1.3 POS connector (RS 232 Serial Port)
       1.1.4 Receipt Printer
       1.1.5 Networks
       1.1.6 Points to Note before Launching iBonus System
       1.1.7 IBonus Cards
 Blank Card
 Master Card
    To ensure unique allocation of Member Card ID's
    To ensure the Terminal of different end users can only read their own cards
    To define maximum prepaid value for member cards
    To define sector usage for member cards and staff cards
    To define whether Integer Mode or Decimal Mode should be used
 Brand New Card
 Staff Card
 Member Card
 Transition of Card Types
    1.2 Configuration
    1.3 Administration
    1.4 Staff Operations
    1.5 Advanced Staff Operations
2 iBonus Server