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iBonus Developer/Reseller Overview
Developer/Reseller's Business Activity and Benefit
Platform for Development

Developer/Reseller's Business Activity and Benefit

iBonus.net sells its products through a large and diverse worldwide network of developer/reseller companies. In some parts of the world, we continue to actively pursue additional partners. We are looking for companies with deep expertise and unflinching integrity.
Business Activities
  • Resell and integrate iBonus System
  • Competitive partner pricing discount
  • Sales and marketing tools
  • Web listing
  • Interactive tools for posting their case studies.
To become an iBonus developer/reseller, click here for the detail.

Platform for Development

iBonus Smart Card Payment and Bonus Platform provides a field proven platform for developers to build their application on top. The platform consists of iBonus Terminal, iBonus Server, iBonus Web Report and iBonus POS link. Developer can now leverage the field proven stability and the fundamental features which are necessary for the smart card system. The whole system provides a platform which makes your solution to be deployed easily with least possible labour, manage member card with ease and maximize the reliability and security. Most of the features stated in the feature list are already in our standard version or iBonus System. Some of them are available at additional cost.
iBonus Platform
iBonus Terminal Payment and Bonus Point ApplicationiBonus Server SoftwareiBonus Web ReportiBonus POS Link
Windows CE 5.0Microsoft .NET + Microsoft SQL ServerMFC
Windows PlatformWindows
iBonus Terminal HardwareX86 based computerPOS
Core Features
All-in-one integrationCafé IP okEZ-Reg.Master CardSRSForensic-SRSCard Manager-SRSCop-SRSPerpetual Blacklist


iBonus Terminal Payment and Bonus Point Application and iBonus Server Software
To make sure the core of our system always delivered at its highest stability, we provide Engineering Change Service for the customization on Terminal and iBonus Server software. Typical customization includes some changes of user interface and calculations which is not included in standard solution. Please let us know your requirement. Our technical consultants will be more than happy to assist.
iBonus Web Report
iBonus Web Report provides over 40 reports for different kind of users and user profile feature. It is a role based report based on Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. Open source code of web reporting is provided. Developer can add new reports tailor for the business and add necessary information for the user’s profile. Developer can also change the layout of the report and add it onto the web site.

Click here to download iBonus report source code.
iBonus POS Link
iBonus POS Link is a software library which let Windows based point of sales (POS) system to control all Smart Card Transactions of iBonus Terminal. It enables developer to implement a country wide smart card payment and bonus point system with ease by removing the underlying complexity. During the instance from the smart card is presented to the antenna of the terminal to when the beep sound is played, the terminal has actually perform over ten operations. It includes card authentication, data decryptions, blacklist checking, expiry date checking, card balance checking, value calculation, data encryption and transaction logging. With a simple Windows based POS interface, programmers are free from the hassle of the complex data handling. There is just a function call behind a world class, field proven smart card solution.

iBonus POS link library is bundled with iBonus Terminal package.

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