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Location: Hong Kong
Industry: Entertainment
Website: http://www.m1nt.com.hk/

Project Launch Date: 4/13/2010
No. of Terminals: 3
No. of Member cards: 1000

M1NT Hong Kong has been deemed by Tatler Magazine as "Hosting Hong Kong's Most Glamorous Parties."

Once past the finger print security recognition system shareholders and members are transported to a luxurious champagne lounge filled with exotic black tip reef sharks, jelly fish alcoves and piranha fish circling the perimeters.

With its complimentary signature M1NT vehicles servicing shareholders and members, M1NT Hong Kong has undoubtedly set the benchmark for a modern day members club.

From fashion shows to product launches the club has been used as the venue of choice for luxury brands including Versace, Lancôme, Chaumet, Calvin Klein, Harvey Nichols, Vertu, Moët and Chandon, Krug, Dom Perignon and Ruinart Champagne. The club has played host to many international celebrities among them Vivienne Westwood’s private fashion show, James Bond girl Sophie Marceau, NBA’s winning basketball team the San Antonio Spurs, International Music Artists Kanye West and Sean Kingston, Super Star Athletes Shaquel O'Neil and Kobe Bryant, super-models and US actors from the small screen to Hollywood’s A-List.

M1NT is an exclusive modern day Members & Shareholders Club. M1NT opened its doors in Hong Kong & Cannes for the 2007 Film Festival and in September 2008 M1NT expanded into Shanghai.

Behind the velvet rope and surrounded by jelly fish alcoves and piranha fish tanks complete with black reef-tip sharks circling the perimeter undoubtedly sets the benchmark for a modern-day member’s club. M1NT Hong Kong holds 350 guests with 4 VIP rooms, a 46-foot long cocktail bar, and dance floor. M1NT Hong Kong’s music ranges from urban jazz, funky hip hop, electro and a few old favorites.

iBonus System was chosen as the membership card for M1NT, providing an unique identification for prestige members and shareholders. The card is used to store credits which can be purchased and used to redeem drinks. It is being treated as another payment method besides cash and credit card.

Staff finds iBonus is easy to use, simply input the amount and present the member card completes the transaction, and it took them 10 minutes only to learn.

Management is happy with the control that iBonus brings, transaction records are traceable down to staff level.

Transaction summaries are obtained from iBonus report for accountants to consolidate data among different systems.

iBonus also helps M1NT to manage their member details and profiles through the iBonus Web Report.

A mobile stand was crafted to place an iBonus terminal outdoor for checking the validity of membership. It was powered by a battery which can last for over 10 hours.

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19/3/07UMI (Project #1)Australia
16/2/07Skills Plug LtdUnited Kingdom
8/12/06Amex Information Tech LtdIndia
18/9/06World Wide LoyaltyMorocco
20/7/06Grupo BlueBrazil
4/7/06Scoops v. RonDenmark
20/5/06Infordata (Project #5)Italy
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3/6/05Infordata (Project #1)Italy
10/5/04Lan Kwai Fong Hong Kong
7/11/03Kosmo Cafe Hong Kong
7/11/03Kosmo CafeChina

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