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Case Studies
Spa Hibiscus

Location: India
Reseller: AVI INFOSYS India Pvt. Ltd (Authorized Distributor)

No. of Terminals: 2
No. of Member cards: 500

Spa Hibiscus is a Luxury day Spa. It also has a well equipped Gym and a L'oreal Club Salon. They offer Convenient and Affordable Wellness services under one roof. Hibiscus (Rosa-Sinensis), is a red flower also known as “China Rose” or “Roselle”. It is Asian, pretty, versatile, simple, easy to find and very effective & is used in total well being; very much like us. THE APPROACH OF SPA HIBISCUS is Smart, versatile, honest, and very effective & they have the holistic well being of our Customers at heart.

Their mission is to improve general well-being and wellness. They promise to provide the highest quality backed by unmatched service. They assist you in your beauty and health needs and will work with you to make you healthier, fitter, happier and more beautiful.

Their Endeavour is to make a beautiful difference in your life.

Spa Hibiscus facilities include a state of the art Gym, Salon and Spa with treatment rooms, Steam, Sauna, Jacuzzi & Chilled Showers.

AVI Infosystems India Pvt. Ltd. has helped them develop a Loyalty system as well as a Prepaid system (membership). In the later, the customers need to pay in advance to Spa Hibiscus and get instant discounts there like if the customers pay Rs.1000, they get Rs.1200 in their account which they can use to avail their services anytime they wish to. This makes the solution a win-win for the customers and the Spa management. The customers will get instant discounts if they use this prepaid smartcard and the Salon management will get money in advance from the customers.

In the Loyalty programme, the customer gets 1 reward point for every Re.1 spent, which gets accumulated and the customer can use the reward points when he/she is eligible for redemption after reaching the milestones set by the management for the customers to achieve.

Spa Hibiscus is an exciting and innovative concept in beauty therapy which lets you experience treatments that you really want. It offers an honest and customized approach to health and beauty which cuts through many of the illusions and myths that surround beauty and fitness today. iBonus System, provided by AVI Infosystems India Pvt. Ltd. has really added value to their business.

Many customers of iBonus System find that the generic version can suit their needs. Based on its robust data handling algorithm, even customization is needed, this can be done very quickly while maintaining its beauty, thereby lowering the cost of customization.
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13/1/10Avi Infosys (Project #7)India
17/11/09UMI (Project #3)Australia
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27/10/09Loyalty Cards (Project #9)Turkey
23/10/09Avi Infosys (Project #6)India
21/9/09Avi Infosys (Project #5)India
15/9/09Zen Fine CuisineCanada
17/8/09Raydox (Project #4)India
10/8/09Citivet Animal Hospital Hong Kong
7/8/09Loyalty Cards (Project #8)Turkey
7/8/09Loyalty Cards (Project #7)Turkey
25/6/09Mini Golf Gym Hong Kong
13/3/09Avi Infosys (Project #4)India
23/1/09TZone Hong Kong
29/12/08Loyalty Cards (Project #6)Turkey
19/12/08Yip,Tse&Tang Hong Kong
17/12/08Avi Infosys (Project #3)India
15/10/08Avi Infosys (Project #2)India
9/10/08HIT (Project #9)Turkey
9/10/08HIT (Project #11)Turkey
9/10/08HIT (Project #10)Turkey
29/9/08HIT (Project #8)Turkey
24/9/08Loyalty Cards (Project #5)Turkey
4/9/08HIT (Project #7)Turkey
4/9/08HIT (Project #6)Turkey
4/9/08HIT (Project #5)Turkey
26/8/08HIT (Project #4)Turkey
25/7/08Avi Infosys (Project #1)India
24/7/08Smartcard Advantage (Project #2)Kenya
24/7/08Smartcard Advantage (Project #1)Kenya
23/6/08IVOR Hong Kong
30/4/08iTech ProChina
30/4/08HIT (Project #3)Turkey
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19/3/08Supercard LtdNigeria
28/1/08Raydox (Project #3)India
24/1/08Time InternationalNigeria
2/1/08iCon ComputerMaldives
7/11/07HIT (Project #1)Turkey
23/10/07Loyalty Cards (Project #4)Greece
23/10/07Loyalty Cards (Project #3)Greece
23/10/07Loyalty Cards (Project #2)Greece
23/10/07Loyalty Cards (Project #1)Greece
20/9/07Raydox (Project #2)India
23/5/07Raydox (Project #1)India
19/3/07UMI (Project #1)Australia
16/2/07Skills Plug LtdUnited Kingdom
8/12/06Amex Information Tech LtdIndia
18/9/06World Wide LoyaltyMorocco
20/7/06Grupo BlueBrazil
4/7/06Scoops v. RonDenmark
20/5/06Infordata (Project #5)Italy
9/5/06Infordata (Project #8)Italy
9/5/06Infordata (Project #7)Italy
9/5/06Infordata (Project #6)Italy
23/11/05Citycard Hong Kong
22/9/05Infordata (Project #4)Italy
21/7/05Grand Frog Hong Kong
12/7/05Trent OxenhamAustralia
29/6/05WTF ProductionsAustralia
28/6/05Decision SupportGhana
3/6/05Infordata (Project #3)Italy
3/6/05Infordata (Project #2)Italy
3/6/05Infordata (Project #1)Italy
10/5/04Lan Kwai Fong Hong Kong
7/11/03Kosmo Cafe Hong Kong
7/11/03Kosmo CafeChina

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