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Case Studies
Lan Kwai Fong Entertainments

Location: Hong Kong
Industry: Entertainment
Website: http://www.lkfe.com/card.php

Project Launch Date: 12/1/2005

iBonus Terminals and iBonus Displays are deployed throughout 15 shops in Lan Kwai Fong (LKF), Central, Hong Kong. iBonus Terminal is linked to iBonus Server through wireless network. Members can check their bonus balance at their public website or iBonus Displays located at the points of interest in LKF.


iBonus, as an off the shelf smart card loyalty solution, has enabled Lan Kwai Fong Entertainment company to launch its smart card loyalty system quick enough to match its marketing campaign. Using TCP/IP connection, by plugging in WIFI Ethernet converter, iBonus Terminal can make use of their in shop WIFI network to transfer data back to the back end server for free. It radically saves up the cost of using broad band network.

Being one of the most famous dining, clubbing and pub areas, Lan Kwai Fong (LKF) is a tourist interest in Hong Kong. Every year, during New year’s eve, Christmas, Rugby Competition, Halloween and many other events and cerebration, LKF is a most go for most local and international people. Lan Kwai Fong Entertainment (LKFE) owns 15 shops within LKF with full spectrum of service ranging high end cuisines, pubs and night clubs. Facing the competition among shops opened by different groups, LKF has introduced Lan Kwai Fong Entertainment Cards (LKFE Cards), in order to retain a group of loyal customers.

LKFE Cards are issued to their prestigious customers. Card Holders gain bonus points for every spending in any of their 15 shops. They can then redeem gift or cash voucher by their bonus points. Member can check their bonus points balance and get to know about the latest bonus scheme at their public web site or by using iBonus Display located at the 5 of the points of interest in LKF.

Network service in each of the shop is provided by Y5 Zone. iBonus Terminal in each shop is connected to WIFI network by using WIFI Ethernet converter, thereby gaining network service for network connection for free.

As the competition among shops within LKF and shops between LKF and other pub areas around are getting more and more furious, speed is one of the keys to success of any marketing strategy. Hiring programmers to develop a similar card system from scratch could have spent them unaffordable man years. Such system tends to be error prone and more expensive. And the return of investment is uncertain at the development stage.

With proven track record, iBonus System allows them to deploy a loyalty system to retain a certain group of customers as soon as possible. In the financial point of view, they can see the return generated much sooner. There by lowering the risk of the investment.

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10/5/04Lan Kwai Fong Hong Kong
7/11/03Kosmo Cafe Hong Kong
7/11/03Kosmo CafeChina

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